Ronan and the Fairies

We are still in the process of writing this script, but here are a few images that I found.

Characters: Narrator 1
Narrator 2
Narrator 3
Queen of the fairies
Villager 1
Villager 2
Princess of the fairies

Ronan and the fairies
Narrator 1: Once, in county Donegal, down in Ireland, there lived a hunchback named Ronan.
Narrator 3: He was kind to everyone, and most days he took care of the village children playing games with them and telling them stories. Everyone liked him for being such a wonderful contribution to the village.
Narrator 2 He also made the best baskets in all the county, and people came from all over Ireland to buy his baskets.
Narrator 3: One day, Ronan was walking back from market where he had sold all his baskets.
Narrator 2: Now, Ronan walked very slowly due to his hump and he quickly grew tired from his long journey.
Ronan: Ah I am so tired. I think I’ll go sit by that tree and take a nap.
Narrator 1: Ronan was so tired that it didn’t take long for him to fall asleep.
Fairies: [from off stage] Dé Luain, Dé Mháirt
Narrator 2: On Wednesday, on Tuesday they sang.
Narrator 3: Ronan was a light sleeper and the singing woke him.
Ronan: I’ve heard that fairies like to dance near here, I think ill go take a look.
[Fairies enter and start dancing]
Fairies: Dé Luain, Dé Mháirt Dé Luain, Dé Mháirt Dé Luain, Dé Mháirt , Dé Luain, Dé Mháirt Dé Luain, Dé Mháirt  Dé Luain, Dé Mháirt Dé Luain, Dé Mháirt. [Fairies keep singing quietly in the background.]
Narrator 1: Ronan noticed that there were pauses in the music and in one of them, he sang out…
Ronan: agus dé céadaoin!
Narrator 2: And with that cry of “and on Wednesday” he joined them.
Narrator 1: They danced and danced all through the night, Ronan joining them despite his hump.
Narrator 2: After the dance was over the queen of the fairies came up to him.
Queen of the fairies: The little people thank you for finishing our song Ronan.
Ronan: It was my pleasure, your majesty I’d gladly come back.
Queen of the fairies: tiégh [the hump vanishes]
Ronan: My hump! It’s gone!
Princess of the fairies: Let us dance!
Narrator 3: And Ronan did a little jig of joy, and then the dance went on the rest of the night.
Narrator 2: In the morning, Ronan awoke sore all over, and with a the worst headache imaginable, and wondering what had happened, and then as he reached to feel where his hump once was, it all came back to him.
Ronan: I can stand!
Narrator 1: He would have danced another jig then and there, but decided against it so he wouldn’t re-cripple himself.
[Villager 1, Villager 2, and Creven enter]
Villager 1: Who are you and why are you in my village?
Ronan: Erin, it’s me.
Villager 2: By the dagda, it is you, what happened Ronan.
Narrator 2: And he told them.
[Creven gets up in Ronan’s face]
Creven: Tell me where the fairies are, now!
Ronan: why should I tell you? All you ever do is whine and kick around the children, and animals, you really like kicking cats, I’ve noticed that, why should I tell you?
Creven: Because nobody ever does anything for me and I deserve it more than you anyway, so tell me.
Ronan: Nobody ever does anything for you because you kick everyone, but I’ll tell you, if only to get rid of you. It’s down the Ryan road halfway between here and market.
[Creven runs off stage.]
[Exit all]
[Enter Creven]
Creven: This is where Ronan said to stop. Over there are the fairies!
Fairies: Dé Luain, Dé Mháirt, agus dé céadaoin! Dé Luain, Dé Mháirt, agus dé céadaoin!
Dé Luain, Dé Mháirt, agus dé céadaoin!
Creven:  agus dé déardaoin!
[A hush falls over the fairies]
Queen of the fairies: Who are you to interrupt our song and dance.
Narrator 3: For Creven hadn’t waited for a pause; he was also a horrible singer.
Princess of the fairies: You have been rude in interrupting us, and now we’ll give you something to really cry about!
Queen of the fairies: Now, now don’t say that, besides, that’s my job.
Creven: O’, I’ll just be leaving now.
Queen of the fairies: No! You will be punished for interrupting our dance, and for being such a burden on your village. For Ronan has always helped in any way that he could, he is courteous and contributes much to the community, despite his hump. tar.
Princess of the fairies: Unlike you, who just complains all the time, feels sorry for yourself, and interrupts fun fairy dances just because you feel like you deserve some special treatment! Well you’re gonna get it!
[Crevan now has Ronan’s hump as well]
Narrator 1: And so Ronan’s hump became Creven’s hump.
Narrator 2: And he had to humps.
Narrator 3: And now he really had something to cry about!

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  1. everyone wants input in ronan come on Thursday after school, for about an hour and a half

  2. if anybody needs gaelic names click this link

  3. hey its laura, i am a nonspeaking fairy in this play and my name is Luiseach, witch is pronounced Lwee shach and means radiant girl

  4. if you looking for names than go to
    sorry i dont know how to do the link thing, im not very tecy but its a great sight.

  5. I’m a narrator
    I think my name will be “Ena”

  6. hi. sorry i missed the script thing on thurs. i forgot that i was going to mt st helens. i’m the queen of the fairies& my name will be kella, which means warrior woman

  7. um miles i forgot to come for the roman thing o thursday for half a hour! but am still a fairy righht?

  8. miles-
    did you get that orange script my mom was supposed to give someone to give to you? if you didnt…idk

  9. hi im a non speaking fairy in this play(wait-i think i am , yeah i am).Did i miss anything on friday?
    Should i have a script even if i don’t talk?

    please give feed back
    thanx- marina

    (p.s. any suggestions 4 names im stuck and none of these web sites work)

  10. I am a narrator and my name will be Aine pronounced aw-nya it means delight or pleasure.

  11. everyone who missed Thursday should just know that it was just for optional input, we have the script done now, maybe a few changes, maybe not, ad yes Fiona, i got the script.

  12. marina-
    my name was going to be kella but i changed it to tana because it means fairy queen (lol) so you can use it if you want. it means warrior

  13. Is there a script posted?

  14. There is now Abby! Thanks for checking in.


  15. so Caitlin, are we going to make creven wear anything like the leprechaun coat?

  16. Maybe. I love the leprechaun coat.
    I don’t know what to wear for the narrator, I tried looking on google images, but I couldn’t find anything.
    Are we looking more for a coat, kind of like Miles, or something else? Or does it matter?

  17. I’m a narrator too and I’m wondering how our costumes could be related to Irish or Celtic mythology.

  18. just the idea of having martha wear the lepracon coat is funny!P.S.i know i spelled that wrong!

  19. K so i now am officially playing not only a fairy but”Erin” the villager/friend.

  20. i need a fairy dress and a shawl for Erin the villiager

  21. ali and i still need the dresses from mikaeli so if anyone can talk to her, please ask about them

  22. my name is goun be kiri a fairy name from like france or something for my faire

  23. ha ha miles you have to wear the leprechaun coat

  24. Fiona, a hunchback is simply a largish leprechaun with a hump.
    You made a good fairy queen! 🙂

  25. thanks!!! you did good too!

  26. Yay!

  27. You guys again! Persephone and here too.

  28. yes,abigail. someday we’ll be everywhere and we’ll
    RULE THE WORLD!!!!!!
    that was my attempt at an evil laugh. yes, i know i’m strange, i just had to get that out of my system.

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